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Dolphin Explorer E30

Dolphin Explorer E30

SKU: 99996240-XP

The Dolphin Explorer E30 is the perfect way to keep your pool clean and sparkling without any hassle. This powerful robotic cleaner features active scrubbing, wall-climbing capabilities, and a top-load filter for easy cleaning. It's also Wi-Fi enabled so you can schedule cleanings from anywhere. With the Dolphin Explorer E30, you can enjoy your pool worry-free.



  • Active scrubbing for a deep clean
  • Wall-climbing capabilities for complete pool cleaning
  • Top-load filter for easy cleaning
  • Wi-Fi enabled for remote scheduling
  • Energy-efficient for low operating costs



  • Keeps your pool clean and sparkling
  • Reduces your pool maintenance time
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Energy-efficient and cost-effective
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