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Service Terms and Conditions 

A chemistry test will be conducted at the first service and the customer will be charged for all chemicals needed to obtain

the initial proper chemical balance. During the year stabilizer, shock, algaecides, conditioner, calcium, total alkalinity, and

salt may be needed at the customer's expense. The scope of work covered in this service agreement only covers cleaning and

chemicals. In no way may this service agreement includes repairs, service calls, inspections, and special cleanups due to

hurricanes, high winds, or unusual conditions. Additional items not included in this contract are additional cleaning of the

filter. In the event of inadequate weather, chemicals will be added and the pool will be cleaned the following visit. Repairs at

or under $50.00 will be performed immediately. Repairs above $50.00 will require customer authorization. In the event that

Ace Pool and Spa LLC is not licensed or not able to perform said repair Ace Pool and Spa LLC upon unit owners' request

will subcontract to ensure work is properly conducted. The customer agrees to comply with the customer responsibilities section

above. In the event of an emergency, Ace Pool and Spa LLC will make every effort to return your calls and answer emails.

Additional services can be provided at a separate agreed-upon rate quoted on a case-by-case basis. At the customer’s request

50 lbs bucket of 3” Chlorine Tablets can be left at the property and will be billed to the customer.


The customer agrees to pay for services outlined in accordance with the terms hereafter set forth in this agreement. Ace Pool &

Spa LLC accepts Credit Card, online, and check payments. Each monthly payment must be received in full, before the 10th

of the month to avoid a late fee of $15.00. If customer fails to pay any past due balance after the 10th day of the month from

the due dates, all monies that are payable to Ace Pool & Spa LLC under this Agreement shall immediately become due and

payable without the need for further demand and this Agreement can be terminated by Ace Pool & Spa LLC without notice.

The customer will ensure that the employees, representatives, subcontracts, and agents of Ace Pool & Spa LLC have full access

to your pool and all equipment on the service dates. Should employees, representatives, subcontracts, and agents of Ace Pool

& Spa LLC arrives and is unable to provide service due to lack of access, you will be charged a rescheduling fee of $25.00.

Customers must keep pets away from the pool and equipment while the employees, representatives, subcontracts and agents

of Ace Pool & Spa LLC are on the property.

After-hours & Holidays

We do not provide services after hours or on holidays. Should your regularly scheduled swimming pool maintenance date

fall on a holiday, we will reach out to you to schedule an alternate date. We do not provide services the week between

Christmas and New Years. An additional 1 week will be taken off during the year as well sick days when needed.


Ace Pool & Spa LLC shall not be liable for any failure to perform due to in-climate weather, natural disasters, acts of God,

governmental actions, or conditions beyond our control, this includes unavailability of supplies or labor at prices that are

substantially similar to prices at the time of the execution of this agreement. In the event that materials or labor called under

this Agreement are not substantially the same price as at the time of making this agreement, Ace Pool & Spa LLC shall have

the right to amend this agreement to cover such changes or terminate this agreement. Ace Pool & Spa LLC makes no

representation, warranties, or promises, oral or written, expressed or implied, with respect to this agreement, except as

expressly provided herein. Ace Pool & Spa LLC shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or destruction to the pool location

or premises of the pool, by any person or cause whatsoever except when caused by the employee of Ace Pool & Spa LLC.

Pool & Spa LLC shall not be liable for any type of damage, loss, or destruction caused by the pool waste or drain line. Pool

& Spa LLC shall not be liable for any damage to the pool structure or piping due to underground water pressure, in the event

the pool must be drained for cleaning, testing, or repairing. Any changes requested by the customer will require a new contract.

Sick Day Policy: In the event of a sick day or injury we will do our best to make up the service day for you. If we are unable

to make up the service day note that since you are billed monthly there are at least 4 extra free service days per year that you

receive. These will be made up by us as either sick days or vacation days on our end.


This agreement is a monthly service agreement that continues from month to month until terminated. The Agreement may

be terminated by either Party with ten (10) days advance written notice. Such written notice may be delivered orally or in

person, by email, text, or at the offices of Ace Pool & Spa LLC.

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