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Ace Pool and Spa is the Favorite in


Ace Pool and Spa takes pride in delivering top-notch customer service and professional pool and spa services. Our Hialeah clients can't get enough of us and it shows since most of our clients are word-of-mouth referrals. 

Give us a try we are sure that you too will be happy with our service and professionalism.

Woman in Pool

The Best Pool Service In Hialeah

Ace Pool and Spa

Why Are We The Best Pool Service in Hialeah?

Our clients can't say enough about our service and there are seven reasons why.

1 - We do the work, you save time!
2 - As pool professionals, we are
updated on all new
technologies and processes. 
3 - Avoid mistakes that can cost
you money.
4 - We take care of your pool while
you enjoy your out-of-town
5 - Maintenance allows us to spot
potential problems early on.
6 - We take care of your
investment, your pool! 
7 - A well-kept swimming pool
ensures that you and your
family can swim happily and
safely, without the risk of health



Hialeah, incorporated in 1925, has a long and proud history. One of the city's most important and nationally well-known historic sites is the Hialeah Park Racetrack, built in 1925. Hialeah Park is an important part of Hialeah's future as well. After a short period when the Park was closed to racing, Hialeah Park reopened in November 2009 with quarter horse racing and is currently undergoing a multi-staged full restoration. Exciting plans call for the construction of an entertainment complex to include a hotel, restaurants, casinos, stores and a theater. Just as Hialeah's past is an important part of its future, so is a new, recently annexed three square mile area, "Hialeah Heights," to be developed soon into a beautiful residential and commercial area in the northwest part of the City.

"The City of Progress" as Hialeah is known to many, has historically been home to a number of Cuban exiles. Several monuments and parks throughout the city pay tribute to leaders and heroes who are important to many residents' culture. With a Hispanic population of over 94%, Hialeah’s welcoming immigrant community now is home to Puerto Ricans, Mexicans and other Hispanic groups, making Hialeah a culturally diverse and dynamic place to live.

Hialeah is a dynamic, family oriented community marked by cultural heritage and traditions. The Hialeah community is a unique blend of nationalities and cultures, whose residents are proud of its ethnicity and family friendly neighborhoods. The City of Hialeah is an extraordinary place to live, work and play.

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